• Grindstone now temporarily switches the current thread's culture to invariant when collecting data for the fatal error (Whoops) dialog so that users running Windows in languages other than English have a decreased likelihood of reporting data to our defect tracking system that seems to be different than an existing case already being tracked simply because error messages from core frameworks are localized in another language. We apologize if this makes the technical details of errors you're considering submitting to us more difficult to read for non-English-speaking users.
  • The Stopwatch's minimum width is now two hundred pixels.
  • We fixed a bug that would cause Grindstone to crash when attempting to export Views and Graphs under certain conditions.
  • We fixed a bug that would cause Grindstone to crash when the user or a third-party manipulated Grindstone's backup files and/or manifest unexpectedly.
  • We fixed an interface defect that could Grindstone to attempt to assign a set of zero gaps to a work item in the Gap Detector, causing a crash.
  • We fixed a concurrency defect in Views that could cause Grindstone to crash in a rare race condition scenario.
  • We fixed several other minor, rarely-occurring errors.
  • Grindstone now displays a Modify View button just to the right of the Show or Hide Columns button on all views, which will open the view for editing. This feature works even for the default views that are not listed in the main window, such as the work item view used by the Stopwatch dropdown.
  • Views can now be duplicated using a new option in the View menu or by right-clicking on a view in the view list.
  • We fixed a bug in which trying to create a database connected to the same Sync Cloud Subscription or Sync Server as the current database would cause a crash.
  • Notifications regarding connection loss and restoration will no longer "pile up".

2019.05.13 Revision

  • We fixed a few minor, rarely-occurring errors.
  • Additional opportunities for Sync connection loss and restoration notifications to "pile up" have been eliminated.