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Grindstone 'auto start' timing after stopping time slice day before

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  • Grindstone 'auto start' timing after stopping time slice day before

    So I have Grindstone 4 Build 6799.21373 (windows 7 pro 64 bit). If I 'stop' a time slice the day before, shut down my laptop, boot up the next day, Grindstone starts timing automatically on the task I manually stopped the day before including the time throughout the night so it looks like I have been working all night long. I have disabled everything I can find in location of Grindstone > Options > Timing & Away Status and Advanced settings and yet this thing STILL starts auto timing on the last time slice I stopped. This SHOULD NOT happen if I manually select STOP TIMING function for the time slice. Can any one explain to me how to Grindstone from auto start timing?

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    I would like to see an answer to this as well, I have the same issue. I've also gone through the menus and disabled everything that looks even remotely related, plus I stop timing, close Grindstone, then turn off my computer - first thing in the morning it's asking me about the time I was away. Yes, I can select to disregard the time I was away, but it's stupid and annoying considering I actively stopped Grindstone. If it's going to be so creepy and stalkerish to the point it disregards all the manual controls you use I can manage with other timing programs. Grindstone needs to understand that we don't all live and die by this thing every second (and don't want to be forced into that) and need the control to tell it to go away when needed.


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      Pretty sad when there should be a quick and simple answer to this and noone from the Grindstone project replys to this question. Development or testers from Grindstone should be able to answer this quickly.. AND if this is not recognized as an issue, SOMEONE on the the grindstone side should address it. This should not be a hard fix at all. Being that I'm in the IT industry (Performance Testing to be specific), someone from the Grindstone project should have already replied to this.


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