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Annoying "Connection lost/restored" notification

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  • Annoying "Connection lost/restored" notification

    I did not find a configuration for this popup. And during the working day grindstone is giving a popup (Windows 10). I am working in the office with different wifi networks and also I use VPN extensively. So my netwrok gets down for a second very frequently. Grindstone gives me 2 notifciations everytime I change network. While I actually do not care, grindstone should not notify me about it. The annoying thing is not only those notifications , but the fact that they stay until you act on them. When I go for lunch - I come back and see 10 or 14 notifications on the desktop and need to act (click to close) on each to clean the desk.

    I would like to have a setting that can disable these notifications - I do not care about "lost connection for grindstone sync". If that is impossible by concept - then I would like them to disappear by themself. Like a popup that disappears and does not make me act on it.

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    Same here. I'm fine with Grindstone 4 notifying me about the lost connection, but please only have one box pop up instead of multiple. Also, could the "Hide" button hide any further messages until connection is restored?
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      Same here...Grindstone, any thoughts...Bueller...anyone?


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