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How to stop Grindstone 3 "away window" from taking over my laptop screen?

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  • How to stop Grindstone 3 "away window" from taking over my laptop screen?

    I couldn't find anything on this topic in the forums, but I hope I might get some help with this problem I'm having.
    I really appreciate Grindstone 3, and the function that reminds me to consider what I have been working on while I was away from my computer.
    But here's the issue; I generally work with two screens - one external in addition to my laptop-screen. The problem occurs when I am working just on my laptop. If I leave the computer and come back, the "away dialog window" covers up and "blanks out" my screen - but I am not able to access the commands to choose a task and get back to my work. To get back in control of my computer, I have to enter Task manager on Windows and end all of Grindstones tasks. I recently switched to Windows 10, and not even the Task manager seems to override the "away window". I simply had to restart my computer to regain control.

    Am I the only one with this problem? If so - what am I doing wrong? And what can I do to keep the function "what have you been working on..." without having to restart my computer every time I return to it?


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    This happens because the wrong window is given focus when the away dialog comes up. Use Alt+Tab to move to the AwayDialog window and not the BlankOut windows. This will let you choose the task you'd like to record.


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